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  • At- Risk Specialist


    I empower Adults and Youth to navigate through their traumatic life experiences. I help them learn from those painful life experiences, and then overcome them and use them to their advantage to initiate their purpose in life.


    Faced with gangs, abuse, and prison; Reginald was illegally sentenced to 18 1/2 years in Federal and State prison. He was set free after 4 1/2 years, only to be re arrested and told he was let out erroneously by mistake.

    Reginald was destined for failure until he finds God and finds purpose in his pain; he creates an unstoppable Ministry-Business empire that is simply...

    "God Made".

    Reginald's story has been seen on The CBN 700 club & TBN'S JuceTV; also the front page of the St. Louis American business section. He was nominated by Black Enterprise in 2018 as one of the BeModern Men of the year.
    He also is a 5x published author.

    Reginald is now developing a global product that will help empower children across the world. Reggie The Lion, the Positive Affirmation Character.


  • Reginald's newly released book "21 Days of Greatness" is now available today!

    Featured on the CBN 700 Club and TBN'S Jucetv,

    "Live Determined" was the first book that opened the door for Reginald's outstanding story of resilience!

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    I was created to be successful, I am Enough , God Bless My Haters or Entrepreneur for God T-shirts. Please click Apparel link above.


    "I believe there is greatness in every person and every person can achieve greatness,
    because we are all created in the matchless image and likeness of God"
    Genesis 1:26-27
    ​~Reginald Foreman


    2015 I wrote & released my first book.

    I have written four books, my first book is called LIVE DETERMED, my second THERE'S PURPOSE IN YOUR PAIN (which is being revised to be re released.) My third is a children's book, THE ADVENTURES OF REGGIE THE LION AND JEREMIAH; A LEARNING- COLORING BOOK. My fourth book is my daily devotional, 21 DAYS OF GREATNESS.

    keynote speaker

    2018 Atlanta GA. Bottom to the top tour

    I've traveled across the country transforming lives, helping people turn their pain into purpose. Through my Empowering testimony, experiences, authenticity & basic fundamental examples.


    "Again, thank God for your message for our young men and thank you for inspiring all of us to renew our faith and to remind us that it not too late to fulfill our dreams"
    -Justine G. Jones, EMBODI Chairperson



    *How to Renew your mind/Reinvent yourself

    *Building a brand

    *Turning your pain into purpose

    *How to keep going when it makes no sense


    2013 My brand was showcased in a fashion show in East St. Louis

    In 2009 I started making T shirts with my inspirational wording on them. My first shirt was GOD MADE ME WHAT CAN BREAK ME. Although, it wasn't until 2013 that I started to take being a fashion designer seriously as my passion and purpose. I created my brand GODLY IMAGE APPAREL. In 2015 I created my second line GOD MADE APPAREL.


    2017 Reggie the Lion was created.

    Reggie The Lion is a Positive Affirmation Character. He speaks bold encouraging, positive affirmations statements to children
    while they are playing with him as a toy/plush doll. Also, through cartoons, a tech app experience, box office films, a fashion line and a mentorship program.


    We are in the process of partnerships and sponsors to enable Reggie The Lion to be presented to the public in the market place.


    "I heard one of the most motivational, inspirational/encouraging kids toys of all time. It's a stuffed animal (I don't even want to put him in the same class as a stuffed animal) that actually speaks motivational/ affirmations to you. For example: one of the affirmations states, "I AM BRILLIANT"!!! Man, I am not big on toys or just anything outside of a book that does that, but this here is on a whole other level.

    It's kid friendly, I wish I had something like this when I was a kid, maybe some of the things in my thought process would've been shifted! I know for a fact they would've been shifted. With everything going on in the world, kids need that reinforcement to know that they are WORTH IT AND SO MUCH MORE! Man, I'm getting Trinity one and I may even get me one, never too old to be encouraged Reggie the Lion is where it's at"

    ~Ms. Bella Joy



    2020 I became certified as a Life Coach

    Even before I became certified in the year 2020, I had clients that I coached. People came to me by word of mouth or they asked me to coach them after seeing me speak at one of my events.

    I've helped clients start new businesses, write books, create brands, overcome fear and pain from their past that kept them stuck.


    "Reginald Helped me brand myself, find my story inside me, and find ways to not spend so much money staring out. He brought out of me helping people and I learned how to fully accept what happened to my sister with her death"

    -Donald Bonner

    Social Media Marketer/ Coach

  • Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.
    ​-N.R. Narayana Murthy


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